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Who Belongs Here

If you’ve given up on church or if you’ve never even been, then this is the place for you! Catalyst is REAL people with REAL struggles. Imperfections are not something we try to hide, but try to improve on. We are a come-as-you-are community; we don’t care about your clothes, your habits, or your past – we care about you!!!

On the other hand, maybe you’re someone who’s fed up with years of practicing “religion.” If you’ve never really experienced true discipleship, or if you long to feel God’s presence in your life, then we believe Catalyst is also the place for you.


What We Value

In the relatively short history of Catalyst Church we have seen God move. A true community is forming where people are transparent, individuals are genuinely connected, and lives are being changed forever. RELATIONSHIPS ARE PARAMOUNT TO US; we believe that true discipleship can only take place within personal relationships. In fact, our mission at Catalyst is to introduce people to the real Jesus, one person at a time.

We strive to break the boundaries of tradition in our pursuit to reach others. However, we hold tightly to the Word of God and to the traditions established by the early church.

So, whether you’re searching, or just curious, we hope you’ll come check us out.

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