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How to Get Involved

At Catalyst we believe that our faith is not meant to be passive but it's meant to be actively lived out in community with others. We can live out our faith in many ways, but here are a few ways to do that at Catalyst.

Study Group

One of the quickest ways to get invovled at Catalyst is bys erving on Sunday mornings, and the quickest way to get to know people. Each week we have over 20 volunteers help make our services happen. Get invovled in the children's area or serving coffee or running tech for our services. There are a ton of ways to get involved!

Connection Groups

Connectinos groups are the life blood of Catalyst Church. They meet twice a year for ten week sessions at various locations on different nights of the week. Connection groups is a place to find community that will care for you like Jesus all while learning about how to be a better disciple. 

In Our Community.

Serving Jesus=Serving our community

At Catalyst we want to provide ample opportunities to serve our community.  Once a month we partner with the Out of the Garden Project in Greensboro which serves food to thousands in need each week. We also have an ice cream truck that we take out during warm days to pass out free ice cream!

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